Palazzo Vecchio few steps from Black 5 Florence

In the courtyard you can admire Austrian city views frescoes, painted for Cosimo the First for the wedding of his son Francesco with Giovanna of Austria, so that Giovanna could feel at ease in a strange land. The Hall was built in six months in 1565 by Giorgio Vasari to link the Palazzo Vecchio with the new Medici residence in Palazzo Pitti, in honor of the marriage of his son Francesco with Giovanna of Austria, from its windows we can admire unusual and romantic views of Florence.

The corridor begins with Palazzo Vecchio, the Uffizi Gallery is connected by a bridge over the Via della Ninna, and coincides with the gallery until the beginning of the west wing of the Gallery itself, from where a staircase descends and allows to access corridor suspended above the embankment of Archibusieri then passes over the Ponte Vecchio, then around the Mannelli Tower, proceeding to linck the counter of the Church of Santa Felicita, from which the Grand Dukes could appear inside the church and assist functions without being seen and "mingle" with the people.

From here then it proceeds to Palazzo Pitti, where the corridor ends, having articulated a total length of about one mile. In the Vasari Corridor is located a celebrated collection of portraits, begun by Cardinal Leopoldo de 'Medici and still growing, given the continuing donations of contemporary painters.

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