Black 5 Florence, Bed & Breakfast Near Uffizi Gallery

Black 5 Florence Suite for its location just few steps away from the Uffizi Gallery, is an excellent Bed and Breakfast for your stay if you want to visit the Uffizi and its beautiful and huge paintings. Do not miss:

- Hall of Lippi: Madonna by Filippo Lippi, who probably represents the beloved Lucrezia Buti and his son Filippino Lippi. Filippo Lippi, Carmelite monk of Santa Maria del Carmine convent in Florence, fell in love with a nun Lucrezia Buti, while working on frescoes in a convent. From this love they had a son, the future painter Filippino Lippi, and was clearly a big scandal in town. Filippo, Sandro Botticelli‘s master, painted this picture which is considered a portray of Lucretia and Filippino, represented as an angel close to Jesus

- Hall of Botticelli: La Primavera and Birth of Venus – in the first, In the first theme of love is deified mythologically, the goddess of love, Venus, who drives the senses to the rise and who is the protagonist of the second painting by the artist for the wedding of Lorenzo di Piefrancesco de 'Medici. The portrait of Simonetta Vespucci seems to represent an idealization of the purity, beauty and platonic love.

- Michelangelo’s Room: Tondo Doni by Michelangelo, also performed at the marriage of Agnolo Doni and Maddalena Sforza (of which you can also admire the portraits of Raphael at the Galleria Palatina) and perhaps donated to spouses as gifts at the birth of their first child, the " Tondo " in practice is considered an evolution of the oldest “desco da parto”: it was rather a round tray decorated usually with the Madonna and child, on which fruit was given as greeting gifts to the mother.

- Tribuna: Portrait of Lucrezia Pucci Panciatichi first love of Cosimo the First whom he didn’t marry for reasons of state. Cosimo made Bronzino himself portrayed the lady, whose face is suffused with melancholy. Although he loved her, Cosimo arranged for her a marriage to Bartholomew Panciatichi, and she had to submit herself. He always wanted to hold on to the portrait of Lucrezia.

- Tribuna: portrait of Eleonora of Toledo, the beloved wife of Cosimo I, it was she who wanted to buy the Pitti Palace which, when expanded, became the final residence of the Medici in Florence.

- Tribuna Portraits of Francis the First second child, and Bianca Cappello.

- Hall of Raphael: Portrait of Elisabetta Gonzaga and Guidubaldo da Montefeltro, they witness the unfortunate love of Elisabeth, originally from Mantua and nostalgic of his land, for her Guidubaldo commisioned the spiral staircase in the Palazzo Ducale in Urbino. The two paintings arrived in Florence on the legacy of the Della Rovere around 1620. The faces of the Raphael’s female figures often take inspiration from the face of his lover.

- Hall of Titian: there is located the Venus of Urbino, Titian's famous painting, made for the son of Della Rovere dukes as a gift for his wife Joan of Varano. The Venus of Urbino combines both love and ideal beauty of the goddess and earthly love of a lady of high society, and perhaps it was meant be for his wife an "example" to follow to revitalize the married life ...

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